Our proprietary process ensures particle and dent free copper surfaces.

The best and most economical solution for using difficult-to-handle thin foils, reverse treated and double treated copper foils.

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B-10 is a solid aluminum foil used as a drill entry material or lamination grade separator sheet in PCB

applications. Burr free holes begin with
B-10. Panel after panel, hit after hit, B-10 will enable the drilling of consistent, high quality holes, enhanced productivity and an improved bottom line.

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About CAC, Inc.

CAC, Inc. is a manufacturer of CAC® (Copper Aluminum Copper). Its licensed and patented product featuring copper foil attached in their 'state-of-the-art' clean room to one or both sides of an aluminum separator sheet based on the PCB application. CAC provides superior surface quality
important to producers of increasingly high technology PCBs as well
as offering labor and material cost savings.

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Efficiency and Protection in one Package – CAC

CAC Layup
Non-CAC Layup